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AI and the Future of Food

The role of AI in the Future of Food

The growing world population facing the scarcity of resources is not new to the world. According to Malthusian Theory of Population, the human population grows exponentially in geometric progressions (2,4,8,16, 32…) while that of food production grows arithmetically (1, 2,3,4…). Thus, defining a wide gap between the food requirements for the growing population.

According to UN projections, the global population will reach 8.5 Billion in 2030 and 9.5 Billion by 2050. Presently, we are not even capable of feeding the 7.3 Billion people in the world. The FAO has estimated that the food production will have to grow by 70% in order to meet the requirement.

However, his theory (1798 and revised 1803) was a thing of the past. He wasn’t having any idea of the Artificial Intelligence which incepted in 1940 with the dawn of modern age. He didn’t included Artificial Intelligence and its use cases in the agriculture. The growth of AI in agriculture is remarkable in the past few years. And if this progress continues, we could be able to meet that 70% food production growth.

Smart Agriculture


Growth of AI in Agriculture

The use of AI has made the agriculture smarter than ever. Smart agriculture is used to enhance the food productivity and address the issue of food supply and make the farms more connected and intelligent. According to a report by Statista, the share of US agricultural retailers that offer yield monitor data analysis is expected to grow from 51% in 2015 to 62% by 2020.

Smart agriculture employs a range of AI and IoT based applications such as precision farming, variable rate technology, smart irrigation as well as smart green houses.

The modern times is having many companies which are utilizing AI for increased food productivity.There are many applications, use of image recognition to identify weeds, assess plant help, predict weather patterns, to name a few.

Investment in Smart Agriculture

This smart agriculture has seen a tremendous growth in investment collectively for the production of drones for farming and other applications of AI in agriculture. According to an article published in CNN News, the US-based company NatureSweet has raised 15 million investment from investors like Qualcomm Ventures and Cisco Investment for the adoption of AI in their greenhouse.

Not only this, Sweden-based AI focussed company, Imagimob has received 400 K Euro in funding for its Edge AI research in Farming.

On the basis of these facts, we can clearly depicts that with the dawn of AI, there is a significant room for agricultural productivity to improve. However, AI is still in its infancy and there is much more to come that could provide a solution for future food shortages.

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4 Simple Leadership Tactics for a Project’s Success

What do you think a project’s success depends on- Planning, resources, scheduling tools; no, it depends on the management. There’s no deny that a proper planning, a well-deserved team, a good scheduling tool adds to a project’s success but the coordination between them is the bigger fish to fry.

A good leader can effectively manage his team and make out 100% from them. He keeps them focused on their goal and makes sure they work hand-in-hand with him. Leadership is a talent which separates out an excellent project manager from the rest.  But what does leadership looks like in context with Project Management. Let’s find out the 3 leadership tactics for a project’s success.

Keep the team Informed

Do your team really know what they are working on? Do they know what is the objective of the project, they are working onto?

Now, if you feel that how does that matters, let me make it clear.

Suppose I ask you to simply develop a module and give its feature list or I ask you to create a module which would benefit the patients in a hospital with an informed system.

Which one would you think sounds better and motivated, the latter one, right? This is just because the objective is clear enough to motivate the team to do good.

Defining goals and motivating the team to achieve it, is one of the prime reasons for a great project delivery.

You can do this by writing the goal on a whiteboard or put them on a flip chart in a meeting room.

Management on Floor

A work is done successfully when a team works as a team. A leader’s prime responsibility is to bind the team. This could be done only when you work with them on ground.

You could do this by walking on the floor and greet the team. Check in with them, check for their issues and try to resolve them. You could also try some Employee Engagement tactics to keep them on track. It is easy and requires a very less effort. This could help upsurge the morale of your team mates.

On the other hand, you could better know the reality of your project as well as the team mates.

Protect the Team from Office Politics

One of the growing reasons for delays in delivery or failure of the project is the team involving in office politics. Projects suffer when the employees are busy pushing each other’s leg.

They really don’t have need to know you are in a territory war with marketing team to secure last meeting room for your project.  They don’t need to know that the costs of the project have been bounced back. They really don’t.

These all are distractions and can divert them from their goal. This doesn’t mean to keep secrets from them but not to disclose such things which become a talk of the town.

Appreciation is Must

You must have a habit to appreciate your team or individuals. This motivates them to move forward and keep up the good work. The simple word of appreciation from your mouth like “Thank You”, “Keep up the Good Work”, “You are so thoughtful” etc., could make an employee’s day.

This appreciation if done on the floor would not only motivate him/team but would also raise a spark among the other team members to receive those words of honour.

These some of the simple tactics would not only differentiate you from the rest but would also help you deliver projects on time.

Leadership doesn’t mean you to have a title ‘leader’. It is an attitude that comes with confidence and few tactics. You don’t need to be at the top position on the hierarchy. You can lead the team from beside, below, within or above.

Your growth depends on your work. The more successful your projects are the better are the chances for your growth. So just wake up the leader inside you, for yourself and for your company.

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10 Companies using IBM Watson to drive their Sales

10 Companies using IBM Watson to drive their Sales

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IBM Watson is a supercomputer integrated with cognitive technologies. It provides cloud-based predictive analytics for business insight. It has the capabilities, through which you can accelerate research and discovery, enrich your interactions, detect liabilities and mitigate risks.

Here is a list of 10 companies who are using IBM Watson in different ways to enhance their capabilities through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.



The global stationary retailer Staples has created a smart ordering button using IBM Watson’s Machine Learning capabilities and other cognitive APIs.

This smart button is placed in Staple’s office which let the users to order smartly. This button uses voice recognition capabilities for ordering. For example you can say ‘order 100 blue pens’ to make an order for the same.



Wimbledon has used IBM Watson platform to generate automated video highlights. This has eliminated the task of video editor who used to quickly edit and cut the videos to put a highlight package.

Here, IBM Watson engine pulls in information to create video highlights based on crowd noise, social traction, facial recognition and sentiment analysis of players.

Rocket Fuel


Rocket Fuel founded in 2008 started working with IBM Watson to allow for brand’s to make sure that the ads aren’t served against the critical or negative content.

It also integrated Watson’s Discovery service which allows sentiment tracking. This service helps Rocket Fuel to understand whether someone should place their advertisements on that page or not.

General Motors


General Motors joined the hands with IBM to integrate cognitive technologies to GM’s cars. It offers location-based products and services to you while you’re in GM’s car.

GM’s OnStar Go is automobile industry’s first intelligent mobility service. It uses machine learning to understand users’ preferences. Based on which customers will receive personalised marketing services from a number of GM’s partners.

Conde Nast

Conde nast

Conde Nast uses IBM Watson to help build informed social media campaigns. The software build by IBM offers Conde Nast customers such as New Yorker and Vogue insight into whom to target their campaigns and which celebrity would make good brand ambassador.

Using this software, if a brand wants to find an influencer who is kind, Watson will analyse at least 20,000 words and emojis the potential ‘influencer’ have published.

Macy’s On-Call


US retailer Macy’s in partnership with Satisfi, introduced ‘Macy’s On-Call’ service through which the shoppers can ask Watson questions about store’s products, services and facilities.

This software powered by IBM Watson, helped them to engage one-on-one with customers, providing them another level of service right at their fingertips.

American Cancer Society


American Cancer Society partnered with IBM Watson to leverage the patients with personalised information and advices regarding to their illness.

The virtual advisor looks for the patient’s type of cancer, its stage and history to give proper advice. Its machine learning capability enables patient to ask question in natural language and receive audio responses.

Imperial College London


Imperial College London used Watson to analyse and predict crime. The computing students in Imperial College of London worked with IBM and team Watson to develop an application which could be able to solve challenging problems within the university’s crime department.



The multinational company, Citigroup uses IBM Watson to improve its customer relationships and interactions within the banks.

Citigroup uses Watson to collect the information/feedback from customers and provide suggestions to improve interactions, evaluate risks, and identify opportunities.

Standard Bank


Standard Bank is using Watson to speed up their client handling. Watson helped the bank to speedily handle the customer queries so that they can be responded in faster time.

This would help them with better customer service and this would eventually retain their loyalties and bring them new customers.




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Is Instagram Shadowban Affecting your Reach?

Instagram is a great platform to flaunt your pictures. But like other platforms, it too have some regulations to be followed unless it shadowban your posts. Now the question arises what is Instagram Shadowban?

Well, a Shadowban is when Instagram silently buries your posts from being discovered through hashtags. It could be seen to your followers but not to anyone else. One would not be able to see your post through the explore tab. This would negatively impact the reach.

But, how to discover which post has been Shadowbanned? The answer is a tool which makes you identify if your post has been shadowbanned or not. This tool works on post by post basis as Instagram never shadowban an entire account.

After knowing the posts which has been shadowbanned, the next question which aroused in my mind is why does Instagram shadowban the posts and how to avoid it? Well, the answer to the former one is still not clear. There is no specific formula for shadowban. Instagram takes many things into account before shadowbanning a post. Also, it has never disclosed its algorithm and has kept evolving it. So, one can’t give an exact answer to it.

Coming along to the latter one, there are some practises following which you could exclude your post from being shadowban.

  1. Don’t use bot for the posts. Instagram strictly prohibit the use of robots or automated software.
  2. Avoid using banned hashtags. There is a list of around 114,000 hashtags which Instagram has banned. Stop using them.
  3. Don’t overflow the post with excessive use of hashtags.
  4. Avoid using same hashtags on every post.
  5. Don’t comment hashtags on your own posts.
  6. Avoid editing the caption for a day after posting.
  7. Don’t abuse Instagram’s daily usage limit. It could be different for different accounts but for a safe side limit yourselves to 150 likes, 50 comments and 60 follow/unfollow per hour.

I hope, you must have understood what Instagram Shadowban is and how you could avoid your post from shadowbanning. Just follow these simple principles and enjoy the most engaging platform for sharing pictures.

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How to Convert Customers for ‘Out-of-Stock’ Products?

Products cannot always be available, they run out-of-stock many times. There can be many reasons the item can be sold out. Whether it is seasonality, the nature of the product (exclusive ones) or even the offer which might have made it unavailable, you can’t hold it. It takes blood and sweat to make customers reach your site. It is equally important to convert those customers who have come to the e-commerce site for that out-of-stock product. You just can’t ignore them.

But how to convert such customers raises a big question in the minds of many e-commerce site owners.  The answer is quite simple. As soon as a customer hit a product page that he can’t buy, give him an option which he might not have expected. Try to exceed their expectation. And here’s what you can do to do that.

Landing Page

Another way to engage your customer for a product you can’t sell is redirecting them to a landing page which says the reason for the unavailability.

Trust me! The users would be eager to know why the product they have chosen is not available.  Again you can showcase some related products on that landing page.

Changes are there that the user might be interested in those products. This would let them buy some or the other product.

Email Sign-up

Let the customer feel welcomed on a product page that they can’t buy. Don’t just let them go.

You can ask them to sign-up with an email or drop their email so that they could be notified once the product is in stock. Doing this audience would be given a chance to spend some time on your website.

This could also let you benefited with an email list you can use later for your promotions. Isn’t it cool!!



This is a way too technical. You can set up a pre-order button for those out-of-stock products. This could let your customers buy the product within some time when the product arrives.

For this to be made possible you have to take care of few things. Firstly, you have to be assured when the product will arrive and have to fix the date as per that.

Secondly, you have to take care that the product is delivered as per the mentioned date and delivered anyhow. It shouldn’t happen that the in-stock date is after 3 weeks and you deliver the item within one or two weeks. In such cases, you should notify the customer with early deliveries. Otherwise it might break their trust on your website.

Last Words

You can convert your customers coming to out-of-stock product through a well-managed product page. You have to make their ‘could be bad experience to a great one.’ You should give them an option which could be an email sign-up, or landing page or an opportunity to pre-order but try making them come back to your site time and again.