HR Executive – Internal Hiring
HR Executive – Internal Hiring

It takes exception people to manage so many emotions and feeling daily: We call them Bezoar Software HR Team

Bezoar Software is currently hiring for HR Executive – Internal Hiring.
  • The candidate must have over 1/2 years of experience in calling/BPO and/or recruitment
  • Must have excellent communication and convincing skills
  • Proven ability to take initiative and look beyond current role openings and identify strong industry talent
  • Skilled in soliciting sources and proactively evaluating organizational and personal needs
  • Ability to learn innovative technology
  • Responsibilities:
  • Work in close communion with Senior Hiring Managers
  • Develop comprehensive job description and post job ads on boards and internal and external gateways
  • Expedite the hiring process through phone calls, e-mails, etc.
  • Disposition all candidates personally contacted in recruiting cycle (phone screen or higher manager interview)
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