What Bezoar Means

We Are A Team of Programmers, Designers and Visionaries. We Transform Your Ideas To Reality.

With a diverse range of technology solutions and services, we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted technology consultation and services organization over the years. Our satisfied clients and the incorporation of the latest trends and technical innovations are testimony to our committed service toward the community. We are a technology-savvy company, which is ardent to meet the client challenges, in order to enhance their business more effectively and efficiently, and to keep the customer’s requirement at the forefront. We focus on deploying technology-oriented strategies and are in constant notion to upgrade and develop our services. Our services are dedicated to address the challenges and transform them into optimized opportunities for growth and development in a more radical and user-friendly manner.



“Outstanding people have one thing in common – An absolute sense of mission.” – ZigZiglar
Here at Bezoar, our mission is to be the leading industry experts in our field. Our mission is to turn your online dreams into reality. We are committed to providing the best solutions for you. Here at Bezoar we pride ourselves in delivering only the very best, whether its web design, mobile development or digital marketing services, our mission is always to make your dreams a reality. Our exceptional team of dedicated programmers is the driving force that keeps us going. We go above and beyond to ensure that you, our clients are always satisfied with the level of our work. Excellence is our trademark.



“Big thinking precedes great achievement.” – Wilferd Peterson

We are forward thinkers who aren’t afraid to think big. We believe that with a focused vision and clear mission we will be the leading web designers and programmers. We are committed to seeing this vision fulfilled. No client is too big or too small for us to work with. No client is too remote or too near that we can’t deal with them. Our solutions are here for one and all. It is this singular commitment to each and every one of our clients that sets us apart from our competition and helps us to implement the necessary web design and development solutions our clients ask of us.



“Values define who you are.” Jennifer Crusie

Here at Bezoar we pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence in everything that we do. Our customers are king and are treated as such. We value what you say and your feedback. Our service staff is both friendly and welcoming. Whether we are working on a custom web solution or are developing a mobile application, we keep you in the loop of things every step of the way. Integrity is the backbone and core of our company. We believe strongly in fair play, great customer service, excellence and delivering quality solutions.

Something About Us

With our deep industry expertise and adept technologies, we are ardent to create and deliver business and technology solutions to revive the business performance and potentially address the market requirements for an overall sustainable growth. We strive to channel our knowledge to help our clients transform their conventional business strategies to achieve result-oriented growth. Our cohesive technical support and solutions empower organizations to respond more quickly and intuitively to the ever-changing market dynamics by bolstering the ability to harness the right technology at the right place which help them to become more agile and competitive. We believe in human-centered approach to the technology to get to the heart of the individual’s business objectives and develop the most updated software solutions to fit the market requirements.

Industries We Served

Start Up

Bezoar Software custom web solutions & software for startups . We use Lean Startup methodology and we assist startup founders developing minimum viable products (MVP’s) through to fully featured web based solutions.We also provide digital marketing services and can assist with driving traffic to your startup website and converting users to signed up paying customers through the use of search engine marketing, remarketing, rebranding ,landing page design, A/B testing, and analytics. We’d love to hear from you to discuss web design development or to hear your new startup idea.


Bezoar software offers great and innovative web design and development approch to magzine publishers . In addition to developing a publisher’s full function web site, Bezoar provides Publisher Marketing, and Social Media Services for support core visitor channels and building interactions and traffic back to your website. A professionally developed website for your magazine can provide many benefits including steady monthly traffic, online profits from subscription and product ecommerce offerings, to the ability to demonstration and display samples of your overall brand.

Real Estate

Bezoar Software Specializes in providing high class, end-to-end solutions in Real Estate Website Design and Development, custom web solutions, mobile app development for real state businesses needs. We Build Top Performing Real Estate Websites and application  that you can trust to deliver highest standard of quality and maximum ROI.We offer web design and development solutions in accordance with the specific requirements for real estate agent, property development agencies, realtor, real estate brokers, construction and complete real estate industry. We’d love to hear from you to discuss web design development or to hear your requirements.

Small Business

Small businesses contribute to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the community in which the business is established. So , If your small or medium sized business needs a website, we can help. If you are in need of more than just web design and development , we have best solutions for you. Our services range from custom web and development to digital marketing, app development , visual branding and beyond. Whether it’s just a simple website refresh or mobile app or a much more complicated project, we can help you solve the puzzle and make the process a pleasure. We want your small business to have an amazing website; if you can envision it, we will work with you and bring your idea to life. Whatever is your profession, We create websites for writers, websites for lawyers, websites for healthcare professionals and more!

Media & Info Services

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Travel & Ecommerce

We offer travel website development that empowers companies to deliver a fully loaded online travel booking website that goes well beyond customer expectations. At Bezoar software, We have expertise in Tours and Travels website for Travel Agents and Tour Operators. We have so many years ofexperience in Travel Industry website design and development. We do website design for Tour and Travel organizations, Online Cart Booking, Hotel Booking website, Resort Booking website, Cruise Booking website etc. We can help you reach out to global audience through our digital marketing/SEO services. We Provide CMS based website. We can help you with a start up tours and travel website, CMS driven travel website or a complete travel portal design and development. Our optimized website will help generate greater business volumes and yield higher returns on investment.


enviornment Bezoar Software holds dear the fact that environment is supporting life forms without any apparent cost. Thus, it is our essential duty, on our part, to justify the practices so as to minimize the release of pollutants into the atmosphere. We are constantly striving to upgrade our technology solutions to a more ‘greener’ practice, so as to give back something to the environment as well.