10 Companies using IBM Watson to drive their Sales
10 Companies using IBM Watson to drive their Sales

IBM Watson is a supercomputer integrated with cognitive technologies. It provides cloud-based predictive analytics for business insight. It has the capabilities, through which you can accelerate research and discovery, enrich your interactions, detect liabilities and mitigate risks.

Here is a list of 10 companies who are using IBM Watson in different ways to enhance their capabilities through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


The global stationary retailer Staples has created a smart ordering button using IBM Watson’s Machine Learning capabilities and other cognitive APIs.

This smart button is placed in Staple’s office which let the users to order smartly. This button uses voice recognition capabilities for ordering. For example you can say ‘order 100 blue pens’ to make an order for the same.


Wimbledon has used IBM Watson platform to generate automated video highlights. This has eliminated the task of video editor who used to quickly edit and cut the videos to put a highlight package.

Here, IBM Watson engine pulls in information to create video highlights based on crowd noise, social traction, facial recognition and sentiment analysis of players.

Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel founded in 2008 started working with IBM Watson to allow for brand’s to make sure that the ads aren’t served against the critical or negative content.

It also integrated Watson’s Discovery service which allows sentiment tracking. This service helps Rocket Fuel to understand whether someone should place their advertisements on that page or not.

General Motors

General Motors joined the hands with IBM to integrate cognitive technologies to GM’s cars. It offers location-based products and services to you while you’re in GM’s car.

GM’s OnStar Go is automobile industry’s first intelligent mobility service. It uses machine learning to understand users’ preferences. Based on which customers will receive personalised marketing services from a number of GM’s partners.

Conde Nast

Conde nast
Conde Nast uses IBM Watson to help build informed social media campaigns. The software build by IBM offers Conde Nast customers such as New Yorker and Vogue insight into whom to target their campaigns and which celebrity would make good brand ambassador.

Using this software, if a brand wants to find an influencer who is kind, Watson will analyse at least 20,000 words and emojis the potential ‘influencer’ have published.

Macy’s On-Call

US retailer Macy’s in partnership with Satisfi, introduced ‘Macy’s On-Call’ service through which the shoppers can ask Watson questions about store’s products, services and facilities.

This software powered by IBM Watson, helped them to engage one-on-one with customers, providing them another level of service right at their fingertips.

American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society partnered with IBM Watson to leverage the patients with personalised information and advices regarding to their illness.

The virtual advisor looks for the patient’s type of cancer, its stage and history to give proper advice. Its machine learning capability enables patient to ask question in natural language and receive audio responses.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London used Watson to analyse and predict crime. The computing students in Imperial College of London worked with IBM and team Watson to develop an application which could be able to solve challenging problems within the university’s crime department.


The multinational company, Citigroup uses IBM Watson to improve its customer relationships and interactions within the banks.

Citigroup uses Watson to collect the information/feedback from customers and provide suggestions to improve interactions, evaluate risks, and identify opportunities.

Standard Bank

Standard Bank is using Watson to speed up their client handling. Watson helped the bank to speedily handle the customer queries so that they can be responded in faster time.

This would help them with better customer service and this would eventually retain their loyalties and bring them new customers.