10 Jobs AI will take away by 2030
10 Jobs AI will take away by 2030

Recently, we came across many articles saying that Automation is a threat to the Jobs. The moment we hear such thing, we figure out ourselves that it could be blue-collar jobs like those for construction workers, drivers, farmers, etc. But, we never think of a ‘professional ’ job. If you are the ones who thinks the same then beware!! You could be on the list. Presently, Artificial Intelligence is doing better than humans in some of the fields, but soon this ‘some’ will be replaced by ‘many.’

Just check out the list below and think over your job role if you find yourself on the list

Financial Analyst

People who make the organizations earn a billion dollars by spotting the trend beforehand are about to lose their job. Artificially Intelligent financial analysis software is very competitive when it comes to recognizing the trends in historical data to predict the future moves. They could better predict the future than the human who is often known to make mistakes.

Inventory and Human Resource Managers

Yes, it is true that AI will replace ‘human’ in Human Resource Management and Inventory Management. Today, companies like IBM, Reliance JIO and SAP are using AI tools to measure the performance of their employees and monitor the recruitment, engagement, turnover and other measures to let the decision makers take the prompt judgment. Also, unlike humans, these tools neither fall sick nor do they need thousands of dollars as their salary.


Sadly, even my job is not secure. We have seen bots curating the articles for us not just curating they are also writing the news. Reports suggest that in 2014, Associated Press uses Artificial Intelligence software to write around 3,000 quarterly reports. If nothing goes wrong, we will soon see sports stories, weather forecasts, and local crime reports to be written by bots down the line.

Airport Security and Custom Officers

Security is always the prime concern for any country and so is for the US. The human can make flaws while checking manually, but machines can’t. Working on this phenomena, California-based startup Qylur is selling automated security booth capable to detect suspicious looking objects and smell out dangerous chemicals. Not only this, the Canadian airport has installed a passport reading machine, eliminating 70% the tasks of customs officers.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate brokers have almost lost their jobs with the emergence of home sales sites like Zillow. Zillow offers more property options than a local agent. In fact, people happily choose such home sales sites over the real estate brokers as they find a home from the comfort of their couch.


There are n number of programs available on the online media, which replaces the use of architects to design your dream home. From selecting a unique design to 3D modeling and color combinations, there are software which helps you develop a complete project. Though they are currently being used for small projects and a help for architects, they will completely take over the architects in the near future.

Medical Workers

IBM Watson Genomics, Google’s DeepMind Health, and Surgical Robots are some of the few examples which illustrate the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the field of Medicine and Surgery. They are fulfilling the increasing demand for doctors. Down the line, they will surely eliminate many of the vacancies in the hospitals. Even, the use of Blockchain technology will help them maintain the proper database, thus, nullifying the use of other hospital workers.

Online Marketers

The online market is the biggest market to sell your products or services. With changing time, many online marketing software have been made which are now available at nearly no prices. Tools like HootSuite, Wordpress Jetpack, Marketo, Eloqua, etc. are very effective marketing tools which require very little effort and no human power to globalize your brand.


Tools like Grammarly, Ginger, Thriving Writer are doing their best to correct your mistakes whether it is a spelling, grammatical error or an incorrect sentence fragmentation. Now, you don’t need to hire a professional proofreader or make an extra effort and spend extra time proofreading your content. These tools come with nominal costs, thus, giving us another reason to choose them over highly paid proofreaders.


With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence and various big data techniques like keyword recognition, programs are generated which can sift through thousands of documents in much lesser time than humans. Not only this, Watson can be trained to review precedent and case history and draft the legal briefs, bypassing the task of lower level lawyers. In fact, Michigan State University and South Texas College of Law have predicted nearly 71% of US Supreme Court cases, the prediction for which we pay dollars to high-level advocates.

As computers are becoming more sophisticated, they are able to perform the professional jobs in a much better way. This will surely increase many of the industries with a high level of accuracy and better productivity. However, this technological revolution might not create as many jobs as it eliminates. We would be needing more programmers, engineers, IT professionals, strategists and data analysts to help maintain these programs.