3 Driving Factors of Artificial Intelligence
3 Driving Factors of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is no doubt the next generation technology everyone is looking forward to. China who wants to be the world leader in Artificial Intelligence has added AI in the school curriculum of high-school students. Now, you can imagine the importance of AI in the coming future.

AI has already put his legs on various verticals of the industry including automobile, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and retail to name a few. From robotic surgery to self-driving cars, AI has proven its implications on each and every application. But what actually is driving the Artificial Intelligence?

Well, companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, IBM as well as Microsoft are investing in the research and development of AI. However, there are 3 factors which are accelerating the growth of Artificial Intelligent.

Next-Generation Computing Architecture (GPU)

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence require speedy processors. The traditional microprocessors and CPUs are not meant for Machine Learning. They require a new breed of processors. This made the rise of GPU. The Graphics Processing Units which used to be the part of high-end gaming PC’s and workstations have seen a tremendous growth after the evolution of AI.

GPU’s come with numerous cores that speed up the ML training process. Seeing the growth of AI, it might happen that down the line each CPU will come paired-up with a GPU.

Availability of Cloud

Data Scientists require large data sets and historic data for ML models to predict with more accuracy. In order to predict the weather or solve problems like detecting cancers, data scientists need a large amount of data to analyze. The efficiency of ML models depends merely on the size of data. The more the data, the better is the accuracy.

With the use of cloud and businesses, government and academia (the major data holders) unlocking their data on cloud, helped the Artificial Intelligence to grow by leaps and bounds.

Advancement in Deep Learning

Artificial Neural Network is replacing the conventional Machine Learning system. The advancement in Machine Learning Models with the new technologies like Capsule Neural Network and Transfer Learning have changes the way ML models are trained and implemented. These techniques are so advanced that they are able to produce the most accurate results with a limited data.


Various companies like IBM through IBM Watson, Microsoft with Corona, Amazon with its Alexa and major players like China are investing billions in Artificial Intelligence to make the world mobile. With selecting the clothes to turning off lights through voice and self driving cars, they want the automation to rule the world by 2030.

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