5 Expensive Shipping Mistakes To Avoid
5 Expensive Shipping Mistakes To Avoid

Shipping is a very important factor that counts in an online business. It’s not just about the product which matters to a customer, but about how early will he receive it and how many bucks he has to spend for receiving it. Shipping is one of the deciding factors for your e-commerce store’s success.  It can lead you to reach heights and it can even be the cause of your store’s downfall.

The importance of shipping understood by the market players like Amazon, Alibaba etc… has continued to evolve, but those who fail to master the complexity of shipping doesn’t reach their full sales potential. Many new players often underestimate the importance of shipping and then risks their business to run down committing this serious mistake.

Single Shipping Option

People love to shop online, especially when they find shipping options. Say, for example, if one wants to gift something or one needs a dress for a party in two days, then he or she will require a site that offers early delivery. In such cases, people often tends to give an extra buck for the early arrival of their orders. On a contrary, there are people who seek free delivery irrespective of the delivery date. By offering shipping options to your customer, you are probably decreasing your cart abandonment. In fact, by providing different delivery options, you are targeting both the type of audiences.

Wrong Packaging

The packaging is a very important aspect of creating your brand value. And not just maintain a brand, it is important for the safety the product you are delivering while transportation. Even more, packaging determines the delivery charges. Previously, the charges were determined by the weight of the product, but these days two factors count for the charges- weight, and size. There are stores which try to cut the costs by packing in small packages and forget to care about the products’ safety. An ideal packaging should be 2 inches from the product and should hold the product in the bubble wrap and the most delicate ones should also have airbags.

Estimating Shipping Expenses

To make estimations prior to work is a good habit, but not in every case. Shipping costs vary a lot from the estimation and thus, makes you sometimes out of the budget. There are factors such as residential delivery, weekend delivery, recipient’s signature, fuel surcharge, which depends on the customer. In fact, you never know how many of your products will be returned so how can you estimate that. These few unpredictable things when considered during estimation will really make you break the budget.

Not preparing for Shipping Charge Changes

Shipping carrier companies increase their shipping charges annually. But, that too depends on company to company. Various e-commerce stores don’t consider this knowingly or unknowingly and run out of the budget then. This increment usually happens yearly, but some companies may raise in mid of the year. Since the amount of increment is very small, online stores tend to neglect it. But, this small delivery charge increase, increases the budget to a large amount when counted annually or quarterly.

Overlooking Customer Address Validation

Shipping address is very important not only for the customer to receive the product at a right place but also for the store to track the product at any point in time. Also, sometimes you have to deal with the order returns just because of a wrong address. This increases the company’s expenditure for no reason as the returned order has to be shipped back at the company’s expense.  This not only cut off your pockets but also degrades the brand value of your store.