7 Things About E-commerce Your Boss Wants To Know
7 Things About E-commerce Your Boss Wants To Know
These days everyone is aware of e-commerce. Each and every person of all the age groups prefers shopping online for its ample benefits. So, you must be wondering why I am writing this article at this phase of time. Well, let me tell you if you know every bit of e-commerce, you are wrong.  It is a deep ocean, the deeper you go, the more you will discover. Here are some really important things about e-commerce you must tell your boss

1. SEO will bring you leads-

The better the SEO of your site, the more will be the visibility. If a potential customer does a search and your website pops up, he will definitely visit it and you will surely find a customer.  Trust me! No one has the time to go deeper down to dig any site.

2. Enable Deals, Freebies and Free Shipping-

Sale, Discount and Free are few words which hit a human mind instantly.  In fact, running contest and giving giveaways on social media is another way that attracts the potentials and make them your loyalties.

3. Provide detailed Information-

Correct information about the product helps increase the trust among the customers. Visitors are likely to purchase a product if provided with detailed information.

4. Create Market for Niche Products-

Buyers have a tough time finding niche products in the over equipped e-commerce websites. Creating a market for specific products will let them buy their desired product on a single click. This will definitely push them back to your website time and again.

5. Live Chat-

Many vendors don’t find it an important feature but trust me, it is. It improvise your customer services to an extent. It also develops a trust among the customers that someone is available 24×7 to help them.

6. Facilitate the Customers with Store Finder-

Store Finder is another must-have feature your website should posses.  Since an e-commerce website targets the customer nation-wide and even internationally, it is important for customers to have a feature where they can find the original store of the desired product. This will improve the transparency.

7. Trustmark-

Last but not the least, Trustmark on a product signifies its genuineness. Customers are more likely to purchase a product with Trustmark on it. For eg-Users prefer Amazon verified products over the other at time of purchase.
All these points look very simple but are equally important. These little changes will surely make your e-commerce website successful down the line. So, just get up and ask your Boss to implement this today itself.