8 Top Tips for Tech Lovers
8 Top Tips for Tech Lovers

In this technological era where we keep everything digital, it is necessarily important for us to keep our data safe. We must have heard people saying keep your computer locked, have more secured passwords etc. But if you think these are just for the geeks, then you are wrong. Good tech tips can help you secure your data and can save your money.

Often Inspect Your Privacy Settings on Social Media

Social Media as we all know holds much of our private information. Though the service providers have done their best to provide the maximum security but still a proper audit needs to be done time and then.

Know when you are paying too much for a product

Technology is not cheap, agreed. But, it also does not mean to drain your wallets. Buying a gold plated USB has nothing to do with more durability or an extra hand on tech. It just drains your money. Also, there are an ample range of applications available on the online market which works nearly same. Opt for the ones which are free or charges nominal costs.

Keep Your Desktop Clutter Free

A messy desktop not only makes it hard for you to find anything, but if you are on MAC then it will really slow down the speed of your computer. If you are the one with that cluttered desktop then clean it today itself and make a habit of keeping it organised.

Keep Your System away from Viruses

Eager ones have the tendency to open each and every link. Beware! It could be a malware. Not all of us are aware of what viruses are but you must know them. Study them and make your system free from viruses by installing a good antivirus software.

Stay Safe on Free Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi’s sounds tempting but they are the most common centre for attacks. Hackers usually attack your system and extract your private information through such media. You must be aware of using such Wi-Fi, and try to avoid there usage.

Be alert from Internet Scams

Internet has become a home to scams. They sound sometimes tempting but they are just hoaxes to earn from you or gather information. Many bank emails, lottery messages etc. are the scams which gives your information to the scammers. They spread through the social media and target the innocents.

Backup Your Computer

No doubts you keep your system up to date, you have a good antivirus software that works well. Still, there is a chance of loss of data. It is thus, advised to keep a backup ready. You must always have a backup of your data because these are just machines, you can’t completely rely on them.

Google is the Key

You must have wondered how the tech geeks know each and everything. Hold on! We are also human, we just Google everything. Google has each and every answer to your question. You just need to identify the correct source. Use Google like a pro.