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Recent trends in Blockchain

Blockchain has penetrated the market business models. It has the potential to transform industry operation models. In a study made by IBM, 15% banks said that they have plans to put blockchain into commercial production by 2017. The world economic forum estimated that 80% of banks are actively working on blockchain projects. The Blockchain is not only indulging in finance fields but in numerous other sectors as well.

$1.4 billion has been invested globally in blockchain start-ups across various sectors and the technology is growing rapidly.

Room for Growth in Asia

Blockchain technology has grabbed the focus of most virtual currency investor’s in North America, where public financial institutions have invested in projects or start-ups related to the blockchain. There is a significant scope of growth in Asia. Virtual currency investors are putting a lot of money into blockchain technology companies and start-ups in Asia. Some new small start-up companies are already into their second or third round of funding. Small companies already starting to lead to larger investments.

More use cases arise outside Finance

Companies like Uber and Airbnb are using blockchain in their business model. These companies are disrupted industries across the board by connecting consumers with things they wanted, they are still a middleman and cut their benefits. Blockchain is capable of removing such middle men entirely. It means whoever has what someone needs to take their full dues. E.g. a new ride-sharing app that links driver with customers peer to peer using the Ethereum Blockchain. “The Achilles” heel of Uber and Lyft is their centralized management of pricing.

By decentralising the decision into the hands of driver and rider, Arcade let the driver to feel like an entrepreneur and gave power to the rider with control over the entire experience.

Arcade City ranked top in the blockchain start-up category in Berlin Awards.

Governments get on the party

In the phase of low trust amongst government and department, information must be held in a transparent place where anyone can verify the ledger and any copies of the data stored even on non-govt. computers. Countries in the world are looking at how they could mint their own digital currencies and put money on the blockchain and they are expanding exploration into other areas of government. The Government wants to save money at every turn, it is really ready to get behind the technology. Estonia has used blockchain to develop a residency programme with the help of which any person in the world can apply to become e-resident of Estonia.

Education and collaboration will get a hike

The Blockchain is a new invention, a new technology, advancement of technical science but education to the students is still the biggest challenge. There are issues around security, as we saw this year Ether was hacked. Companies cannot get to an end just by a little bump in the road. Instead, they need to learn from other companies how do they protect their data and secure them with the watch of hackers.Early adopters are going to be the one who gets the most benefit out of the technology. Organizations need to understand how they can use blockchain if they are to realize its massive potential.


What is Blockchain in Simple Terms?

Blockchain is a technology, a way for an internet user to repatriate an ultimate piece of digital property to another internet user. But, the repatriation is purely safe and secure; everyone is known about the fact that transfer has taken place, still, nobody can challenge the validity of transfer took place.
Well, with the help of Blockchain, many people can write the entries into a record of information, and the group of users can access and control how the record of information is changed as well as updated.
Blockchain technology is launched in 1991, but it was not used properly and then in 2009 SATOSHI NAKAMOTO made cryptocurrency by using Blockchain technology. The Blockchain is a Distributed Database which comprises data of thousand and lacs of computers interlinked. The Whole database of blockchain is encrypted which means each data present in blockchain is fully confidential.
Blockchain posses a technology known as fault tolerant which means when some computers fail to function then too blockchain keeps their data confidential and secure. The Blockchain is a public ledger and it is not used for the sole purpose of currency transaction but it can be used anywhere where there is a need of mediator for trust, faith and guarantee.
Miners which helps in validating new transactions, connecting in existing Blockchain, broadcasting of updates.
Bitcoin block consists of three elements which are Data, HOPB, HASH
Data consists of the amount sent by a person to another person, the HASH value is a unique identity. By using HASHES we can detect changes in blocks and HOPB is previous block’s HASH value, which is why Blockchain is considered to be the safest means of transactions record.
Proof of working in BLOCKCHAIN, how it works. Suppose there is new transaction took place like Ram has to pay 50 INR to Shyam. Now both the parties wanted to record this transaction into Blockchain then it can be recorded by miners using private keys and public keys. These keys are string of numbers which are of 256 bytes. Miners also have their financial motives behind updating of this transaction into Blockchain.
To make fake block valid hacker needs to calculate every block’s poof of work which is impossible.
Blockchain is Decentralised network, block chain is used under peer to peer network
In nutshell suppose if someone made a new block, then the new block will be broadcasted in blockchain then each node verify whether block updated is valid or fake. If a new block is valid then it will be added to blockchain and if fake then it will be removed from the blockchain.
Suppose you want to register your new plot with the registrar. Now registrar is providing you with a certificate that you are the exclusive owner of this property. In future blockchain will reduce this paperwork. The concept which is launched is that you can directly update your transaction with the help of miner on blockchain and if every node accepts and approve it then it will be updated on blockchain and become a public document. But it will always be safe in blockchain, no one can hack it. So this way transaction took place and recorded in blockchain and a chain is created of new transactions or blocks.


Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a terminology used in machines as simulated or artificially generated intelligence. These machines are totally programmed to think as human think and to mimic in the same manner a person acts. The best out of artificial intelligence is that has the ability to rationalize and react as per the situations because it totally works on the command and commands are programmed in these machines.

Artificial Intelligence can be best utilised in order to achieve specific goals. Scientists are using their minds to exhibit traits in these machines in order to understand problems and resolve it. Although, this intelligent technology has some drawbacks also, which you must know upfront.

Malfunction of Artificial Intelligence

The aim of artificial intelligence include learning, reasoning and perception and machine are wired using of a cross-disciplinary approach based in science, maths & psychology. As technology advances, previous benchmarks that defined artificial intelligence become outdated.
Examples of artificial intelligence are self-driven cars; computers that play chess are the new development in this field. Computers need to predict the situations and react accordingly like in chess; the end result is winning the game. Same as in the case of self-driven cars, a computer needs to consider all the external data and analyse it in order to get prevented from any disaster or accident.

Disputes on Artificial Intelligence

One common phenomenon is that machines will become so highly developed that human civilisation won’t be able to keep up with it. Another is that these machines can actually hack into human’s privacy and could use it as a weapon against humanity. It came to notice that people are arguing for making code of conduct or ethics for artificial intelligence also or otherwise they should also be treated same like as humans.
Self-driven cars are a subject matter of controversy, as their machines are designed for lowest possible risks and least casualties. While they remove the incidence of human error, it means if they were put in a situation in which they had to decide between a crash with one person and a crash with another then, they would calculate which crash would lead to fewer amounts of damage and the risks but yes, it would need to choose one. People are disagreeing with the fact that lives of humans should not be put at the mercy of a machine.


4 Simple Leadership Tactics for a Project’s Success

What do you think a project’s success depends on- Planning, resources, scheduling tools; no, it depends on the management. There’s no deny that a proper planning, a well-deserved team, a good scheduling tool adds to a project’s success but the coordination between them is the bigger fish to fry.

A good leader can effectively manage his team and make out 100% from them. He keeps them focused on their goal and makes sure they work hand-in-hand with him. Leadership is a talent which separates out an excellent project manager from the rest.  But what does leadership looks like in context with Project Management. Let’s find out the 3 leadership tactics for a project’s success.

Keep the team Informed

Do your team really know what they are working on? Do they know what is the objective of the project, they are working onto?

Now, if you feel that how does that matters, let me make it clear.

Suppose I ask you to simply develop a module and give its feature list or I ask you to create a module which would benefit the patients in a hospital with an informed system.

Which one would you think sounds better and motivated, the latter one, right? This is just because the objective is clear enough to motivate the team to do good.

Defining goals and motivating the team to achieve it, is one of the prime reasons for a great project delivery.

You can do this by writing the goal on a whiteboard or put them on a flip chart in a meeting room.

Management on Floor

A work is done successfully when a team works as a team. A leader’s prime responsibility is to bind the team. This could be done only when you work with them on ground.

You could do this by walking on the floor and greet the team. Check in with them, check for their issues and try to resolve them. You could also try some Employee Engagement tactics to keep them on track. It is easy and requires a very less effort. This could help upsurge the morale of your team mates.

On the other hand, you could better know the reality of your project as well as the team mates.

Protect the Team from Office Politics

One of the growing reasons for delays in delivery or failure of the project is the team involving in office politics. Projects suffer when the employees are busy pushing each other’s leg.

They really don’t have need to know you are in a territory war with marketing team to secure last meeting room for your project.  They don’t need to know that the costs of the project have been bounced back. They really don’t.

These all are distractions and can divert them from their goal. This doesn’t mean to keep secrets from them but not to disclose such things which become a talk of the town.

Appreciation is Must

You must have a habit to appreciate your team or individuals. This motivates them to move forward and keep up the good work. The simple word of appreciation from your mouth like “Thank You”, “Keep up the Good Work”, “You are so thoughtful” etc., could make an employee’s day.

This appreciation if done on the floor would not only motivate him/team but would also raise a spark among the other team members to receive those words of honour.

These some of the simple tactics would not only differentiate you from the rest but would also help you deliver projects on time.

Leadership doesn’t mean you to have a title ‘leader’. It is an attitude that comes with confidence and few tactics. You don’t need to be at the top position on the hierarchy. You can lead the team from beside, below, within or above.

Your growth depends on your work. The more successful your projects are the better are the chances for your growth. So just wake up the leader inside you, for yourself and for your company.

10 Companies using IBM Watson to drive their Sales

10 Companies using IBM Watson to drive their Sales

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IBM Watson is a supercomputer integrated with cognitive technologies. It provides cloud-based predictive analytics for business insight. It has the capabilities, through which you can accelerate research and discovery, enrich your interactions, detect liabilities and mitigate risks.

Here is a list of 10 companies who are using IBM Watson in different ways to enhance their capabilities through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.



The global stationary retailer Staples has created a smart ordering button using IBM Watson’s Machine Learning capabilities and other cognitive APIs.

This smart button is placed in Staple’s office which let the users to order smartly. This button uses voice recognition capabilities for ordering. For example you can say ‘order 100 blue pens’ to make an order for the same.



Wimbledon has used IBM Watson platform to generate automated video highlights. This has eliminated the task of video editor who used to quickly edit and cut the videos to put a highlight package.

Here, IBM Watson engine pulls in information to create video highlights based on crowd noise, social traction, facial recognition and sentiment analysis of players.

Rocket Fuel


Rocket Fuel founded in 2008 started working with IBM Watson to allow for brand’s to make sure that the ads aren’t served against the critical or negative content.

It also integrated Watson’s Discovery service which allows sentiment tracking. This service helps Rocket Fuel to understand whether someone should place their advertisements on that page or not.

General Motors


General Motors joined the hands with IBM to integrate cognitive technologies to GM’s cars. It offers location-based products and services to you while you’re in GM’s car.

GM’s OnStar Go is automobile industry’s first intelligent mobility service. It uses machine learning to understand users’ preferences. Based on which customers will receive personalised marketing services from a number of GM’s partners.

Conde Nast

Conde nast

Conde Nast uses IBM Watson to help build informed social media campaigns. The software build by IBM offers Conde Nast customers such as New Yorker and Vogue insight into whom to target their campaigns and which celebrity would make good brand ambassador.

Using this software, if a brand wants to find an influencer who is kind, Watson will analyse at least 20,000 words and emojis the potential ‘influencer’ have published.

Macy’s On-Call


US retailer Macy’s in partnership with Satisfi, introduced ‘Macy’s On-Call’ service through which the shoppers can ask Watson questions about store’s products, services and facilities.

This software powered by IBM Watson, helped them to engage one-on-one with customers, providing them another level of service right at their fingertips.

American Cancer Society


American Cancer Society partnered with IBM Watson to leverage the patients with personalised information and advices regarding to their illness.

The virtual advisor looks for the patient’s type of cancer, its stage and history to give proper advice. Its machine learning capability enables patient to ask question in natural language and receive audio responses.

Imperial College London


Imperial College London used Watson to analyse and predict crime. The computing students in Imperial College of London worked with IBM and team Watson to develop an application which could be able to solve challenging problems within the university’s crime department.



The multinational company, Citigroup uses IBM Watson to improve its customer relationships and interactions within the banks.

Citigroup uses Watson to collect the information/feedback from customers and provide suggestions to improve interactions, evaluate risks, and identify opportunities.

Standard Bank


Standard Bank is using Watson to speed up their client handling. Watson helped the bank to speedily handle the customer queries so that they can be responded in faster time.

This would help them with better customer service and this would eventually retain their loyalties and bring them new customers.