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newsletter builder

Newsletter Builder for Custom Mails

The client holds an online publication house thus, interacts with different kinds of customers with different requirements each day. Since the customers of the client hold different interest and come from different background, they have to be approached with personalized emails. It was becoming a tiresome as well as an
endless task for the client to manage such a large base and provide them with personalized mails. So, he wanted a solution where he can customize the Newsletters as per his choice and provide the users with the mail of their interest. Summarising, he wanted a Newsletter builder.

A gaming solution for all the age group

Category : Case Studies

The client is master in the game industry. He has developed a lot of application-based games as well as flash games. Now according to the present-day
needs, he wanted such a game which could be played online so that people can compete with millions. He wanted an attractive game which could drag the people from all over the world towards it.

A workplace manager for smoothing all workplace problem

Category : Case Studies

Client was facing the problem managing inventories, documents, employees and the projects on different tools. They have to track many tools in order to keep the system flowing. We developed an all-in-one workplace solution tool, workplace manager which manages everything hassle freely.

Intelligent Automation

A glimpse to how we used Intelligent Automation to provide the most related article suggestion to client’s users

Category : Case Studies

Our client welcomes more than 140,000 readers. Ultimately the goal is to serve every user with relevant articles based on the content they are viewing or on some factors such as geographic location, device type, time of the day and much more. This system analyses the website text for keywords and returns content based on those keywords. For example, if a visitor is reading an article about Artificial Intelligence, they can be targeted for related services like Cognitive Technologies, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, etc. Thus, the client wanted intelligent automation to track the user behavior and present them with the most related content based on their priorities.

IBM Integration

Look how we used IBM Watson to increase the revenue of our Customer

Category : Case Studies

The client is devoted to entertaining more than 2 million users through quality content. The client wants to serve each of his customers with relevant ads based on the content they are viewing or various other facts like location, profile, device type,
time of the day and much more. The client offers wide-ranging ad targeting features thus, enabling their ad partners to target the readers based on the factors and triggers mentioned above. Therefore, they require a system that could automatically track the users and provide them with relevant ads they are interested in. In all they needed the use of intelligent system like IBM Watson. For example, if a visitor is reading an article related to fashion, then he/she should be
targeted with associated products or services such as clothes, fashion accessories, shoes, etc.