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Market your E-commerce Website with Instagram

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As an E-commerce owner, if you wish to harness the power of visual and videos, then try Instagram. No one does it better than Instagram when it comes to displaying visuals and videos in the most possible creative way.



9 Myths of Scrum Planning

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People generally have a lack of understanding of the basic rules of Scrum. Its principles are often misinterpreted. For the sake of both clients and team members, it’s worth to dispel some of the most common myths of Scrum planning and estimating.


Live Chat Software

5 Benefits of Live Chat Software

Live chat software are designed to facilitate the customers as well as the providers. They improve the customer satisfaction and increase the revenue. There are many other benefits out of which 5 important ones are discussed in the info graphic.


live chat software

Artificial Intelligence

AI Technologies that will rule in 2018

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With constantly evolving technologies, it becomes crucial to know what is going to work in the future. Artificial Intelligence is the need of the hour and it is a diverse field in itself. Here, we present you with some of the best Artificial Intelligence technologies that will work for you in 2018.


AI Technologies

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality- Facts and Statistics

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has become one of the most promising technology in this tech-friendly world. It has changed the way people view the world or at least the way its users see the world. It is important to know the facts related to this aspiring technology. Here are the fact and statistics you must know about Augmented Reality





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