Enrich Your Shopping Experience with AI
Enrich Your Shopping Experience with AI

Developers follow a simple dress code but this hasn’t pushed them back to help others enrich their shopping experience with Artificial Intelligence. With AI, retailers can go far beyond providing online shopping to better customize the customer’s shopping experience.

By finding a similar product online to experimenting with your makeup and hair dye from the comfort of your couch, AI provides you with everything. Now, it’s not just buying a product but enjoying your shopping without leaving your couch.

Snap and Shop

It happens manier times that you want to purchase a similar product your friend has. But, it becomes very tough to find the same product. You need to perform thorough search. But imagine if you find the same product just by posting the pic of it. Isn’t it great and time saving? You can do so by using Snap and Shop app. Just click the picture and upload it to the app, it will give you the exact or similar items. You can buy them directly through the app or at least you will get the vendor’s detail.
The AI engine which drives this app identifies the products within seconds from a large number of retailers across the globe.

Enhance your Movie Watching Experience

Do you want to wear the similar dress as Emma Stone in La La Land? Or you wish to dive into the sea where Chiron learned to swim in the movie Moonlight? Yes, your wishes can come true with TheTake. This AI based app finds the exact similar products and location you see in the movie and let you purchase them. Using machine learning technique, the app finds the most similar results available for you to purchase from its millions of products within its database.
TheTake is also working with entertainment studios, such as Universal Pictures, Sony and Comcast, to augment the viewing experience for their users while providing insights to advertisers.

Apply to Find its Suitability

It is important that you try the makeup before you purchase. It is something which costs a lot and a small variation can make it unfits for your use. However, trying the makeup consumes hours of your precious time. Just to leverage its users by saving their time applying makeup before purchase, ModiFace has created an augmented reality app which lets you apply makeup in virtual time.
ModiFace uses facial modeling technology that helps people discover products tailor-made for them. Its AI technology is already used by over 150 web and mobile apps, including L’Oreal. Partnering with Sephora, ModiFace also developed the “Sephora Virtual Artist,” a tool that allows shoppers to experiment with new makeup on their own faces using a computer screen.