Five common e commerce design mistakes
How do people view, browse, and use your site? Five common e commerce design mistakes can hurt your conversions.     Make sure to note if your site is making any of the following Five common e commerce design mistakes and use A/B tests often.   Lack of a Clear Value Proposition     This is one of the most frequent of Five common e commerce design mistakes.     Communicating clearly with your visitors and customers is crucial.     Your value proposition is the main thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the back button.     A strong value proposition is your argument as to why customers should buy from you when they could buy from the competition. This is especially important for e commerce, because why should customers buy from you when they could buy from Amazon?     However, many e commerce sites have poor value propositions, so have difficulty communicating exactly what they sell.     The main elements of any good value proposition include the following items:    
  • A headline (possibly with subheadings) that uses simple, clear language as to why an item is worth purchasing.
  • Body copy explaining why buying this item from you is the best choice.
  • Additional benefits and social proof
  • Images that create desire by showcasing the item in use.
  Misguided Product Descriptions     Another typical of the Five common e commerce design mistakes is poor or inaccurate product descriptions.   Product descriptions are extremely important, but often e commerce store owners include or remove them at abandon.     Product descriptions mean different things when you are selling different products.     Not Using Quality Images     If you sell items that are mostly dependent on looks the visuals that you use are incredibly important.     No Visual Hierarchy     If your e commerce website does not have a clear visual hierarchy, this is nother of the Five common e commerce design mistakes.     A visual hierarchy makes it easy to navigate a website because actions begin to become recognizable due to the site's design.     Eyes go to larger items which makes them more clickable. Thus important elements should be made larger and stand out from the rest of the page.     Your Site Doesn't Look Trustworthy     When competing against the largest e commerce companies: their brand recognition means that they do not have to prove that they are trustworthy.     Just because you are trustworthy does not mean customers will believe you.   Your site must clearly prove your willingness, ability and track record for delivering on your promises.     When it comes to your e commerce store design, testing should be an ongoing process.