I-phone Apps for Business
I-phone Apps for Business
With fast moving world & advance in technology, i-Phones have become indispensable device to businessmen across the globe. i-phone is to business users what Blackberry used to be –to any professional – and there has been an array of apps that have emerged with exactly this in mind. Infact there are so many apps that even users are finding it difficult in choosing the best tools to make their working lives easier and more productive.
Here’s a guide to what are the most sought after & must have apps meant for businessmen & their business enterprises:-
Scanner Pro
For high quality scans of anything, from anywhere, just by using your iPhone. Scanning paper documents to be used on our PCs used to be a comparatively laborious task, but with apps like Scanner Pro, you can get to the same end using just your iPhone. After scanning, PDF files can be emailed, printed, shared or uploaded to services such as Dropbox and others. The app has automatic edge detection to get high quality scans every time, and you can also manually crop pages. As well as scanning documents to send electronically, a good portable scanner allows you to backup and store important information to access at your convenience.
Store and share files and documents between team members directly through cloud computing, using Dropbox. The most popular cloud storage option available for iPhone, Dropbox allows users to store their photos, documents and videos and access them from anywhere on all of their devices. With 2GB of free space included when you sign up and sharing between team members made simple, the ability to access files from wherever you are also increases mobility and eases collaboration. You can easily access files and documents while out of the office, allowing you to continue working from wherever you are.
For fast and easy invoicing from your phone. An app designed to create invoices, estimates, credit memos and purchase orders straight from your device, as well as keeping track of money owed, taxes and totals. With templates to choose from and the option to include PayPal buttons for convenience, Invoice2go Plus allows users to track and manage invoices before sending them directly to customers and clients. This is the perfect tool for freelancers and businesses that have trouble keeping track of money owed, money paid and money received.
Adobe Acrobat DC
Simple reader and editor for PDF documents and files. When it comes to using PDF documents at work, Adobe Reader is an indispensible tool that allows users to view and edit PDFs across their PC, iPhone and iPad. The iPhone app lets you manage these documents, open up files directly from emails, the web or any app, search text, convert files, annotate documents, access password-protected forms and more. For fillable forms, converting PDF files to Word or Excel and more, Adobe Reader is a convenient and user-friendly app for viewing and editing a range of documents.
An app that makes brainstorming, making lists and sharing ideas much easier.Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app, giving you the option of sharing notes, scribbles and the results of a brainstorming session with you co-workers as well as sync lists and reminders across devices so that you can work from anywhere. It keeps things organised but gives you the freedom to use both images and text to create notes, as well as illustrations and web clippings. It’s great in meetings, when you need something more easily shared than scraps of paper, and you can upload or email your notes straight away without any hassle at all.