Massive Media Site Shut Down By Facebook
Massive Media Site Shut Down By Facebook

One of the big news stories online this week was the sudden deletion of The Shade Room's page on Facebook. With a following of roughly 4.5 million people the unexpected disappearance of the popular gossip and entertainment news platform quickly got the social media and news sites buzzing. As it currently stands Facebook's position is that TSR had "repeated" intellectual property violations. While The Shade Room attempts to fight the machine this brings about a bigger issue. Don't house too much of your brand on any platform that is not yours.

Here at Bezoar Software we take pride not just in the design and creation of your website but we make sure you are in the best possible space to safely build and grow your brand with security and confidence. You will have a protected home site with full social media sharing capabilities but with out any other people holding power over your content but you.

The landscape of content consumption is in flux but in the end you still need to own a quality space for your brand.

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Changing Customer Expectations Regarding Content Consumption

Of course, it wasn’t just the bells and whistles of these [Social Media] advances that began changing the content landscape. The way people began offering and consuming content took a turn. Twitterstorming, for example, became a way of content writing to be used as a way to release a fairly large amount of information broken up into small pieces.

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