Why Migrate to WordPress- 5 solid facts you must know

Why Migrate to WordPress- 5 solid facts you must know..!

Web design and development is constantly evolving and this is especially true when it comes to WordPress. We are WordPress developers, so of-course we prefer and recommend using WordPress to build websites.-

As per latest trends 86% clients prefers WordPress platform for build website. In case you’re wondering what the other 10% are, those are a mix of custom content management systems, Drupal or Joomla or Magento websites – all of which we only build when a client specifically requires us to do so.

Below are some solid facts Reasons to Switch to WordPress.

1. Word-Class Community for Everyone.

WordPress powers 25% of all websites on the web: That makes for over 4 billion websites created and run by countless developers and admins. Originally created as a blogging platform, WordPress has since grown into one of the most popular website / blog platforms on the Internet. It is estimated that over 20% of all new websites are built on WordPress. On top of that, of the top 100 blogs on the web, just about half of them are built on WordPress. These are just a few of the many impressive stats that WordPress can boast about its adoption and usage.

You accept your trend-setters, out-of-the-box-thinkers, non-coding but acutely accomplished WordPress users, artistic web and clear designers, and just about all levels of skill-sets on WordPress Forums for Support and Core development.

2.Easy Management

WordPress is well-loved by over a quarter of the netizens for its super friendly admin interface. Of all our clients who opted for HTML to WordPress conversion service, every single one of them took to the platform like a duck to water.

WordPress has consistently had user-friendliness at its core: Every content-related task, from announcement to editing, commenting, categorising, marketing, advance apparatus and all-embracing administration of the website is done through an simple to use admin area. Writing and formatting your posts is as simple as application a rich-text editor like Microsoft Word.

With every update, WordPress makes it a point to enhance the admin experience. Currently, WordPress dashboard is clean, quick to load, and acknowledging to boot.

3.Ease of Customization

This one is a win-win for coding and non-coding communities.

For those who can accomplish abracadabra appears with frequently used programming languages, WordPress provides the mechanism for faster, smoother development of amazing websites. The APIs, templates hierarchy, anatomy and metadata, the built-in PHP debugging constants, the coding standards (maintained by analysis committees) and so abundant added advice accomplish a developer’s job easier.

It’s also easy to manage and customize WordPress without knowing a single thing about code, thanks to hundreds of thousands of free and premium themes and plugins. In two simple accomplish (install and activate), you can change the blueprint and architecture or add any affection and functionality you wish to your WordPress website. It actually takes no best than a few minutes, which is nothing compared to hours of work you have to devote trying to make even the smallest change in an HTML website.

4.Search Engine Optimization and WordPress

Any website can rank top on SERP’s with craftily accounting content, quick page load time, and abundant user experience. On HTML you would accept to await on cipher to do that. WordPress practically simple to use and absolutely able accoutrements for online success.

Websites built on WordPress have an offbeat  advantage in SEO, even without additional plugins or tools. Configure permalinks in WordPress , and get cocky independent taxonomies to accomplish analysis easy.Default wp-templates are coded to make your content easy to crawl on search bots and visible easily . Professional developers can plan with your  brand to customize WordPress with better navigation that only augments the platform’s SEO-friendliness.

Moreover , plugins that help SEO like WordPress SEO by Yoast or All-in-one SEO pack, improve performance (page speed) with caching plugins, and enhance user-experience scores with a responsive theme: you are all set for success without hassle.

5.Flexibility and Scalability

WordPress currently runs more than 66 million websites. Some of those sites include CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes, and many other popular sites that you probably use or see every single day!

The CMS is used by a millions of websites for all sorts of purposes. Despite starting out as a blogging platform, it is now used widely to create interactive online experiences for eCommerce stores, portfolios, communities (social), education, news, and more verticals.

Moreover, WordPress is only platform fits as beautifully around your requirements and constraints while not compromising service or quality. Even if you don’t have a skilled coder, you own to create, setup, customize, and maintain your WordPress website

Key Takeaways..!

Just the one: With the same budget, skill, and time you can accomplish so much more on WordPress than on an HTML website.

If you already have a website and considering switching it from HTML to WordPress: research proper conversion and migration process. If you don’t have professionals and latest equipment, hire a team you can trust to convert your website.

Bezoar Software caters diverse WORDPRESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES. If you wish to migrate to WordPress from any CMS, we will make it smooth and hassle-free with our unmatched services. To know more visit our website http://bezoarsoftware.com or write us info@bezoarsoftware.com .

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Top 5 Spa Salon WordPress Themes – 2016

Category : Blog

Are you running Beauty salon, Wellness center or Spa? If so you need a website that attracts the customer’s attention first. You want to visual capture your viewer with images to express the feeling of comfort your business prides itself on. It is often quite challenging to accomplish this while retaining the level of functionality your site needs to thrive.

This article provides a collection of beauty salon WordPress themes design specifically for you. Delivering  premium quality, advanced yet simple to manage functionality, our top five will steer you in the right direction for excellence. All of the themes below are highly customizable as well as responsive.

1. Looksgood

Bezoar Software

LooksGood by Themeplayers is a robust, creatively designed parallax template. With limitless options LooksGood has an impressive lay out, highly flexible and easy customization. You can create online booking, advanced membership features, treatment based cost price tables and much more. You’ll find all the necessary features for creating a fully functioning website for your clients.

Click Here for a Live Demo. Click Here to Download.

2. Blackair

BlackAir Theme

Want to add Luxury and artistic style to your beauty salon website, Blackair by Themeforest is built to attract class conscious clients to you. Blackair is Responsive, One Page Parallax, and Retina enabled website template. The core features include Artistic Design, Parallax navigation, Revolution slider, Masonry Portfolio, Black /White Theme color, Easy to Customize: backgrounds, color schemes, content. Get the theme and Enjoy..!!

Click Here for a Live Demo. Click Here to Download.

3. Coiffeur Salon

Coiffeur Theme

Coiffeur Salon is most advanced and stylish WordPress templates in this Collection. Coiffeur Salon is designed with Modular structure, and it can be used for multi-page websites too. The artistic look of the theme is focused mainly on a stylish and graceful presentation which suits your brands needs. The highlights of this theme are New and Unusual Layout Concept, Looping Video Background, Resizes Beutifully, Animated sections, powerful carousel portfolio, Neat Polaroid Gallery.

Click Here for a Live Demo. Click Here to Download.

4. Salon | Barbershop & Tattoo

Bezoar Software

The Barbershop & Tattoo WordPress Theme by ThemeForest specially designed to serve hairdresser’s portfolio, blog on barbering/hairdressing, hair salon’s or beauty shop’s website. The highlight of this theme are the two versions available per your specific needs Light and Dark. There is an awesome easy to use online booking, full screen pushing navigation, create your online store and events calendar for easy events management. Being WooCommerce ready, Salon is a remarkable solution to build an online store to sell hair & beard products, and tattoo supplies. The Salon theme is fully responsive so it looks incredible on all mobile devices.

Click Here for a Live Demo. Click Here to Download.

5. Hair Salon

Bezour Software

Hair Salon Barber WordPress Theme is designed for hair salons, beauty salons, hairdresser, massage parlours day spas, medical business and beauty treatment businesses. A premium WordPress theme, available only on ThemeForest,. With its great features its smart choice for hair salons, wellness centers and similar businesses. Hair Salon offers everything you need in a robust , modular and amazing hair salon website.

Click Here for a Live Demo. Click Here to Download.

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