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As per Gartner, there will be at least 20.8 billion connected devices by 2020; other research anticipates as many as 100 billion. And the largest beneficiaries of IoT devices will be consumers – people who want to control everything from their refrigerators and home security systems to their utility costs, cars, and beyond more than […]
Blockchain has penetrated the market business models. It has the potential to transform industry operation models. In a study made by IBM, 15% banks said that they have plans to put blockchain into commercial production by 2017. The world economic forum estimated that 80% of banks are actively working on blockchain projects. The Blockchain is […]
Blockchain is a technology, a way for an internet user to repatriate an ultimate piece of digital property to another internet user. But, the repatriation is purely safe and secure; everyone is known about the fact that transfer has taken place, still, nobody can challenge the validity of transfer took place. Well, with the help […]
With the dawn of online market, grocery retail stores have almost lost their existence. They have seen a tremendous downfall in the last 5 years. In America alone, more than 2000 stores have been closed down due to the rise of online market. Major portion of our population is covered by Millennial. This is the […]