Is Instagram Shadowban Affecting your Reach?

Instagram is a great platform to flaunt your pictures. But like other platforms, it too have some regulations to be followed unless it shadowban your posts. Now the question arises what is Instagram Shadowban?

Well, a Shadowban is when Instagram silently buries your posts from being discovered through hashtags. It could be seen to your followers but not to anyone else. One would not be able to see your post through the explore tab. This would negatively impact the reach.

But, how to discover which post has been Shadowbanned? The answer is a tool which makes you identify if your post has been shadowbanned or not. This tool works on post by post basis as Instagram never shadowban an entire account.

After knowing the posts which has been shadowbanned, the next question which aroused in my mind is why does Instagram shadowban the posts and how to avoid it? Well, the answer to the former one is still not clear. There is no specific formula for shadowban. Instagram takes many things into account before shadowbanning a post. Also, it has never disclosed its algorithm and has kept evolving it. So, one can’t give an exact answer to it.

Coming along to the latter one, there are some practises following which you could exclude your post from being shadowban.

  1. Don’t use bot for the posts. Instagram strictly prohibit the use of robots or automated software.
  2. Avoid using banned hashtags. There is a list of around 114,000 hashtags which Instagram has banned. Stop using them.
  3. Don’t overflow the post with excessive use of hashtags.
  4. Avoid using same hashtags on every post.
  5. Don’t comment hashtags on your own posts.
  6. Avoid editing the caption for a day after posting.
  7. Don’t abuse Instagram’s daily usage limit. It could be different for different accounts but for a safe side limit yourselves to 150 likes, 50 comments and 60 follow/unfollow per hour.

I hope, you must have understood what Instagram Shadowban is and how you could avoid your post from shadowbanning. Just follow these simple principles and enjoy the most engaging platform for sharing pictures.


Impact of Web Design on Content Marketing

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We the marketers are very much familiar with Content Marketing. We make content marketing strategies, but how many of us include Web Design in that strategy? A very few, or no one. Surprisingly, we don’t bother with the web design at all. We practice writing great content and distributing it over different channels. But, if the food doesn’t look tempting, we don’t even dare to taste it. Likewise, if the content doesn’t look appealing, no one would read it.This signifies the importance of web design in Content Marketing.

The impact of Web Design on Content Marketing


What’s the use of writing the masterpieces if one can’t reach it? The accessibility of your content directly depends on the web design. Especially in case of content-heavy sites like travel booking or magazines, it becomes necessarily important for you to choose a user-friendly web design.


If the visitors have to dive deep into your site or run through pages after pages to get the required information, they’ll likely be leaving the site or won’t return back. An ideal web design should have a search bar on your homepage or the use of drop-down menus and sub-menus could help the visitors with easy navigation.


Color combinations and typography makes your content readable. Your content should an apple of the eye. If your web design contains too many fonts and colors, it would really look very messy and gaudy. On the other hand, a website with a single color and font would be boring. So, your design has to be a balance between the two.


You could choose one or two font styles with one or two attractive color combinations depending on the importance of your content. The content you want to focus should be highlighted with a different color and font style than the complete website.


It is truly said that “the first impression is the last impression.”  The first impression of the website is defined by its appearance. A clean, sophisticated site with great visuals is higher-rated over the one with an unpleasant appearance. In fact, audiences generally calculate the originality of the content based on how professional your web design is.


An attractive design gives your visitors a reason to trust your content and your professionalism. A great appearance counts a ton. It embodies a sense of confidence among the visitors to believe you and your work.


The visuals are more impactful than words. We often remember the things what we see than what we have read or heard. The quality of your content gets automatically accelerated by adding visuals. Great graphics and videos are a treat to watch.


There is a large segment of the online audience who is a visual learner. For them, images, videos, infographics are a source of information. Say for example the websites who teaches us basic small-small things, the DIY ones, generally receive the attention with high-definition graphics or the videos. For such websites, the text content could only make worthy with the support of images or videos.

Final words

By now, it must be clear that a site with a great web design generally gets attraction from the online users. In fact, if you have a high-quality content on your website, it will only get considered if your web design is simple and effective, one which the user will enjoy. So, make your quality content get appreciated by placing it on a nicely done portal.



B2B Content Marketing Trends 2018

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You just don’t need to have a William Shakespeare or Jane Austen in your team to be a marketing leader. A small spice of Content Marketing in your overall Marketing campaign would make you a pro. According to recent reports from Content Marketing Institute, around 91% of B2B Marketers include Content Marketing in their portfolio. This signifies the importance of Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is being practised over a long time. However, trend changes with changing time.  One has to follow the latest trends to be ahead in the race. Let’s see what 2018 has in its kitty for you-

1. IoT will take your Content off the Screen-

Who has the time to stay intact with the screen? Content is revolutionizing itself to free you from keeping your eyes on the screen. Take an example of Siri or Alexa, which is distributing the content to a wider range of audience.  The success story of IBM’s content marketing is a proof that IoT is taking over content.


We are on a verge to become digital, content has limitless boundaries and it has gone far beyond customer engagement.  You just need to target the right audience, at the right time with the right content.

2. Customized and Interactive Content-

Not all your audience would be Charles Dickens. People in this fast-paced life doesn’t have time to read lengthy articles or stories, instead, they plug in to Youtube to watch a video.  Even in case of informational content, they opt for videos. Video marketing, specifically Live Videos are taking over the content. People spent 3× more time watching live videos on Facebook.

Not just live video, Virtual Reality is yet another field which is expanding with every new dawn.  Reporters suggest that AR and VR revenue will exponentially increase from $5billion in 2016 to around $160 Billion by 2020. The projection shows a sudden shift towards the interactive content.

VR Statistics

3. Strategize Your Content-

“Success is 20% Skills and 80% Strategy. You might know you want to read, but more importantly what’s your plan to read?- Jim Rohn” This is so very true, you should have a plan for your content marketing. What’s working for you, working on efficient content creation, spending more time on the content attracting audience etc. , all these are considered. These factors build up a strategy, a strategy which yields a result.

Documented strategy for content marketing is becoming a key to success for many of the B2B marketers. A report from CMI suggests, 46% of marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.  The trend towards creating a better-documented content strategy is the one you should follow from today itself.

Documented Strategy

4. 3 Crucial Considerations-

Content marketing is all about user engagement and making sales. Here are three key take-away one should definitely consider in 2018.

  • Build an audience that wants to engage

    Marketing is proportional to the audience. You just can’t shoot an arrow in the dark. Know the nature of your business and build an audience which is interested in your content. You just can’t sell business plans on Facebook.

  • Communicate with your audience on daily basis

    Communication is a must. People want to hear from the one they choose. It doesn’t mean you throw tons of content via mails on a daily basis. The media could be anything video, pictures, blogs etc.

  • Focus on your high performing content

    This again leads to strategizing the content. You should analyze what is working for you and should focus on what your users are expecting. If your customers are interested in video content then focus on it.

5. Distribution is Must

Distribution can be considered as a synonym for Marketing. The audience could be widely distributed on different platforms. Considering just one channel to showcase your content could lose you many prospective customers. Smart brands would surely adopt a great content distribution strategy to optimize multi-channel distribution.

Distributed Content

However, the trends I have mentioned will not change drastically in the next 5-10 years, but it will become more focused and result driven like never before. Just stay intact with the technology, dig–in and figure-out what your audience is looking after.