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Facebook has become one of the best marketers these days. We get to know about who’s doing what and when through different Facebook pages or Facebook Stores. These Facebook Stores not only help us select a better product for ourselves but also help us with what’s trending in the market. Here is a list of […]
In this era there are so many businesses and so there are many advertising mediums for businesses to promote social media and networking making use of social community. Nonetheless most business proprietor asks themselves which social network they should use for their business. Using well-known advertising mediums would be the great choice. Facebook, Twitter and […]
  One of the big news stories online this week was the sudden deletion of The Shade Room’s page on Facebook. With a following of roughly 4.5 million people the unexpected disappearance of the popular gossip and entertainment news platform quickly got the social media and news sites buzzing. As it currently stands Facebook’s position […]
Use fab as e-Commerce
Do you ever wish to start a Facebook store to sell on Facebook? Yes you can, well Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active users every single month. That’s 1,500,000,000 + effective users and hidden customers! Now the fact is not all of them are going to be your talents client. However even if a […]
Bezoar Software gets 100 likes on facebook
Bezoar Software really happy to welcome all our friends, supporters and also daily visitors to our official Bezoar Software Blogs. Day today we’re celebrating 100 likes on Facebook Page!  Our website will be viewed by supporters, visitors and also our official website facebook page will view by more number of people in all over the […]