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Life Sciences Researchers are under pressure to innovate faster than ever. Big data offer the promise of unlocking unique insights. Today data is of utmost importance in every field ranging from Internet data to data collected from customers. Nowadays we can see that in every shopping malls, cabs drivers, home delivery services, fast food chain […]
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is no doubt the next generation technology everyone is looking forward to. China who wants to be the world leader in Artificial Intelligence has added AI in the school curriculum of high-school students. Now, you can imagine the importance of AI in the coming future. AI has already put his legs on various […]
10 Companies using IBM Watson to drive their Sales
IBM Watson is a supercomputer integrated with cognitive technologies. It provides cloud-based predictive analytics for business insight. It has the capabilities, through which you can accelerate research and discovery, enrich your interactions, detect liabilities and mitigate risks. Here is a list of 10 companies who are using IBM Watson in different ways to enhance their […]