Is Instagram Shadowban Affecting your Reach?

Instagram is a great platform to flaunt your pictures. But like other platforms, it too have some regulations to be followed unless it shadowban your posts. Now the question arises what is Instagram Shadowban?

Well, a Shadowban is when Instagram silently buries your posts from being discovered through hashtags. It could be seen to your followers but not to anyone else. One would not be able to see your post through the explore tab. This would negatively impact the reach.

But, how to discover which post has been Shadowbanned? The answer is a tool which makes you identify if your post has been shadowbanned or not. This tool works on post by post basis as Instagram never shadowban an entire account.

After knowing the posts which has been shadowbanned, the next question which aroused in my mind is why does Instagram shadowban the posts and how to avoid it? Well, the answer to the former one is still not clear. There is no specific formula for shadowban. Instagram takes many things into account before shadowbanning a post. Also, it has never disclosed its algorithm and has kept evolving it. So, one can’t give an exact answer to it.

Coming along to the latter one, there are some practises following which you could exclude your post from being shadowban.

  1. Don’t use bot for the posts. Instagram strictly prohibit the use of robots or automated software.
  2. Avoid using banned hashtags. There is a list of around 114,000 hashtags which Instagram has banned. Stop using them.
  3. Don’t overflow the post with excessive use of hashtags.
  4. Avoid using same hashtags on every post.
  5. Don’t comment hashtags on your own posts.
  6. Avoid editing the caption for a day after posting.
  7. Don’t abuse Instagram’s daily usage limit. It could be different for different accounts but for a safe side limit yourselves to 150 likes, 50 comments and 60 follow/unfollow per hour.

I hope, you must have understood what Instagram Shadowban is and how you could avoid your post from shadowbanning. Just follow these simple principles and enjoy the most engaging platform for sharing pictures.


Market your E-commerce Website with Instagram

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As an E-commerce owner, if you wish to harness the power of visual and videos, then try Instagram. No one does it better than Instagram when it comes to displaying visuals and videos in the most possible creative way.



6 Ways to Use Instagram like a Pro

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Instagram was launched in 2010 as a photo sharing app for the Millennial. Since then it has been the most favourite app for the youngsters to flaunt their pics as well as for the marketers to showcase their products. It has a huge base of around 500 million users and almost 20,000 brands. Due its popularity among the youngsters who are also the online shoppers, and its large user base, it is one of the most predominating platforms to market your product.

Instagram if used efficiently becomes your free marketing agent which is capable to sell your products and services throughout its wide range of network. You just need to understand how this social media platform works to take advantage of its user base.

Enhance your Bio

Your bio is the first thing which let the audience know about you. It creates your first impression. Be sure to make it short and attractive. Put a link to drive traffic to your website. Mention your products or services. Also you can put a “like-to-buy” link in order to drive your traffic to a particular landing page.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the driving force of Instagram. A proper hashtag list your post in a particular category. If you intend to get more likes, share or comments on your Instagram post, use hashtags. For example, use #denim to give a visibility to your post to all those users who would search for denim. You can use as many hashtags as you can but they should be associated with the post.

Chose a Right Influencer

People tend to follow the brand their favourite celebrity is following. Here comes the influencer marketing. Business branding relies heavily on it. Its results are quick and steady. You just need to choose a right influencer for your product. For example- If your business deals with Men’s clothing you should try making Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, or someone else with a huge follower base as your Influencer.

Share Quality Content

If you just keep on flooding the products on Instagram, your audience would surely find your page boring and would stop following you. You must keep your content strategy precise and balanced. Try sharing some good stuff along with your products to make your page interesting. Keep posting some customer-focused posts, client offers, product information and some engaging posts to entice your audience.

Track Your Audience Engagement

It is very important to know what your customers like and what they not. You should track their engagement and find out the best time to interact with them, their geographic locations, time of the day when they are mostly available.

There are various tools like Crowdfire, Iconosquare, and SimplyMeasured with the help of which you can track your audience to make your posts more engaging and for better marketing.

Interact with your Audience

People likely make a purchase and follow the most active accounts. They love to get replied. You must like, share and comment on other’s posts. This initiates the communication and makes you interactive. If you will like one’s post he will like your post and thus, the chain will continue.



Gear up your Instagram to Market your E-commerce site

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As an e-commerce owner if you wish to harness the power of visuals and videos this year, try Instagram. No one does it better than Instagram when it comes to displaying visuals and videos in the most creative way possible.