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Outsourcing or Crowdsourcing- Which is better for QA Testing?

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This is always been a question of debate that which is better- Outsourcing or Crowdsourcing? When we talk about quality assurance, the debate becomes further crucial. Quality Assurance is a typical task in itself. Coding is hard but testing is harder. A developer would code his best and may claim it to be perfect but an ideal code is a real unicorn. Avoiding QA testing results in serious challenges, but, appointing Quality Analysts to check the software more often turns out to be wasteful. In this case, one can opt for either outsourcing or crowdsourcing.

Deciding whether to choose Quality Assurance Outsourcing or Crowd Sourcing is a task in itself. Here we have drawn few lines of difference between the two to let you decide which one you should opt for your business.


Security and Confidentiality of any product or project are very important for any organization to maintain. When you outsource the project to QA, you purposely sign the NDA with the organization you are allotting the project. This secures your project from getting breached. In case of crowdsourcing, since your project is handled by the crowd which may be located in different parts of the world, signing an NDA is not possible. This may raise the question of security.


Any project needs a team to get it done. You require a strong coordination among the QA engineers, testers and QA lead to manage the test cases, test scenarios, and bug report. A good management will lead to on-time delivery of the project whereas a poor management can delay the schedule. QA Outsourcing will let your project be handled by an onsite team which would take care of managing the resources in a proper manner. While if we talk about QA Crowd Sourcing, management may be the place of fall. You need to manage a large scale of diverse testers.


Testing a product requires an agile approach. You need to pay attention to every small bit of the project. QA Outsourcing team makes informed decisions and a deep involvement in the project. They thoroughly analyze the project requirement and work with the team to meet them. Whereas Crowd Sourcing QA due to their diverse team will possibly not pay the amount of attention required.


Cost is a factor which may intersect the rest of the above points. Since quality and time comes with the equal cost, Outsourcing QA will be costlier than Crowdsourcing the same. But, where quality matters, Outsourcing would be cost-effective.

No company would ever have sufficient resource to perform each and every task. Therefore, the businesses opt for outsourcing or crowdsourcing. Software testing is that field where organizations fairly go for external resources. But, whether you should choose to Outsource QA testing or Crowdsource totally depends on your organizations choice of work. But, in my opinion, I would rather opt for Outsourcing over Crowdsourcing.