Top Reasons You Should Upgrade to Sharepoint 2016

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It’s more than a year now that Sharepoint 2016 has been released. Still, a lot of admins are confused whether to upgrade to the latest release or not. Here, in this article I have listed some of the exciting new features Microsoft has given us by releasing Sharepoint 2016. Also, there is a comparison between Sharepoint 2013 and 2016 to clear you with the doubts.
Let’s first compare Sharepoint 2013 with Sharepoint 2016


“MinRole Farm Topology
Zero Downtime Patching
Integrated Project Server
File Name Support for Special Characters
Override 5,000 View Threshold
App Launcher
ODF Support for Document Libraries
ReFS File System Support
Search for Sensitive Content
SMTP Connection Encryption
SharePoint Search Service Application Indexing 100 million items Indexing 500 million items
Content Database Size 200 1+ TB
Site Collections Per Content Database 5,000 100,000
File Size for Uploads 2 GB 10 GB
ForeFront Identity Manager Client (FIM)
Support for SQL Express
SharePoint Foundation
Standalone Install Mode
Excel Services in SharePoint


Some of the new features of SharePoint 2016 shown in the above table are –

App Launcher

It is an extensible hybrid app launcher which allows you to get your Office 365 apps and services from SharePoint server and thus provides seamless navigation between the two.


SharePoint 2016

Min Roles

MinRole is a new farm topology which allows you to select the role of a server and accordingly the services will be enabled on the server.

Zero Downtime Patching

You must have your farm set up in a Highly Available configuration to take advantage of Zero Downtime Patching where you can add, edit files and use search.

Integrated Project Server

SharePoint 2016 comes with an integrated Project Server 2016. CSOM improvement and performance bridge the gap between the object model and PSI

Modern One Drive

An updated look and functionality from Office 365 is a fantastic feature of SharePoint 2016 which will even give you the flexibility to upload file or folder from supported browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.



ODF Support for Document Libraries

It supports Open Document Format Files in the document library which facilitate the users to edit the files according to the program of their choice.

Durable Links

SharePoint 2016 comes packaged with intrinsic durable links which means your file links will work regardless of whatever happens to your file.

All the more, there are several new features of SharePoint2016 which makes it promising. Hybrid SharePoint site option is yet another in the row which gives your user a centralized location to find all your sites. So, just don’t live in the past and enjoy the diverse features of evolving SharePoint by upgrading it to 2016.

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