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Serious flaw fixed in widely used WordPress plug-in
There is a serious stored cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in All in One SEO Pack Plugin versions and older. This plugin is installed on over 1 million active websites and is extremely popular and widely used. The vulnerability is in the plug-in’s Bot Blocker functionality and can be exploited remotely by sending HTTP […]
Since WordPress is premiere CMS and blogging platform that’s not only incredibly versatile, but also amazingly easy to learn and use. Majority of Business professionals prefers WordPress to develop their business websites. Moreover, since it’s open source and completely free to use, there is a common misconception that WordPress is meant for amateurs, not for […]
Why Migrate to WordPress- 5 solid facts you must know
Web design and development is constantly evolving and this is especially true when it comes to WordPress. We are WordPress developers, so of-course we prefer and recommend using WordPress to build websites.- As per latest trends 86% clients prefers WordPress platform for build website. In case you’re wondering what the other 10% are, those are […]
In this era there are so many businesses and so there are many advertising mediums for businesses to promote social media and networking making use of social community. Nonetheless most business proprietor asks themselves which social network they should use for their business. Using well-known advertising mediums would be the great choice. Facebook, Twitter and […]
small business or start-up WordPress themes
As more people surf the Internet to search for information, a user’s first impressions of a website can determine whether he or she forms a positive lookout for that organization. Especially in case of Small Business or Startups Website “first impression is VERY IMPORTANT”. The perfect design and style that’s friendly to on-line readers, fresh […]