7 Top Emerging Technologies and their Threats
7 Top Emerging Technologies and their Threats
2017 saw a countless rise in the evolving technologies, a technological shift from a pc-centric environment to cloud-based and the use of networks and sensitive systems in a never imagined way. But with high-end technologies comes great risk. According to 2017 report by Software Engineering Institute, some of the technology will become successful and transformative as well as they will have some cybersecurity impact. Let’s have a closer look at the technologies and the effects they will have.


One of the most popular technologies which is now taking the shape of a business model, blockchain is much more than just cryptocurrency.
Threat- According to the report from CERT, blockchain comes with the unique security challenges. Being a data securing tool, it can be unsecured if hit by any of the programming error or bug.
machine learning  

Machine Learning:

Machine learning as the name suggests is the ability to make machines learn and adapt through experiences. It is the ability to automate the big data.
Threat- Machine Learning could be riskier concerning security. If it is easy to train the algorithm, it is also easy to crack it. Thus, the security is compromised.

Robotic Surgery:

Robotic surgery can be understood as the surgery performed by a surgeon via a computer console that controls a robotic arm that performs an autonomous procedure.
Threat- Although this technology has seen tremendous success, there is still a chance of security vulnerability. Surgical robots could be exploited to create a denial of service condition thus, hampering the tasks.

Virtual Personal Assistants:

VPA’s are data crunching applications made from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithm, mimicking the humans, best examples include Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Amazon Alexa.
Threat- Report suggests that since the VPA’s are solely dependent on data, privacy could be the main concern.

IoT Mesh Network:

Mesh networks have been created to connect the devices wirelessly. It helps the connected ‘things’ to communicate efficiently without relying on dedicated hub services.
Threat- Mesh networks are riskier than traditional wireless networks. It not only possesses vulnerabilities like spoofing, middle-man attacks, and reconnaissance but poses more risk due to device’s design and implementations.

Intelligent Transport System:

Intelligent Transport System comprises of connected and autonomous vehicles. It is a smart system including safer roads and minor traffic.
Threat- A single malfunction can have disastrous consequences. It may lead to traffic accidents, property loss, injury and in worst cases can even lead to death.

Smart Buildings:

This refers to the use of IoT sensors and augmented reality to develop commercial buildings more efficient, comfortable and safe.
Threats- Here the risk will vary with the type of action. It may range from mild disruption to higher security issues and involve safety and security devices such as cameras, fire suppressions, alarms, etc.

These emerging technology domains are highly susceptible and on the other hand the present-day need. However, everything comes with its own causes and effects. What we can make adjusting approaches to minimize the security threats depending upon the individual domains.