Ten additional reasons your e Commerce conversion rate is so low

Are you concerned about the effects of a low conversion rate on your e Commerce site? Learn here about ten additional reasons your e Commerce conversion rate is so low.

If your visitors aren’t converting at all, or there’s a sudden decrease in conversions, your bottom line will be hurt.

What if you could do something to recover those lost leads and sales? There are ten additional reasons your e Commerce conversion rate is so low discussed here.

There are many possible explanations for a poor conversion rate, and we look at ten additional reasons your e Commerce conversion rate is so low in this article.

  1. Checkout Is Difficult

Research has shown that two thirds of purchases are abandoned, with 27% of people citing complicated checkouts as the reason.

Improving conversions enough to recover even a small portion of abandoning visitors, will increase revenue from your site. Some ways to do this are:

  • Declutter your checkout pages.
  • Make sure it is clear where shoppers are in the checkout process.
  • Remind people what they are buying, with product images on the checkout page.
  • Include trust seals and shipping information, so they know exactly what they are paying for.
  1. Not Using Exit Intent


One solution for a low conversion rate is to make the right offer just before people leave your site.

Exit intent detects when someone is about to leave your site and puts your offer in front of them.

  1. No Remarketing or Retargeting Strategy

Remarketing is an important part of any e Commerce conversion process. It will get the attention of people who come to your site and leave without completing a purchase. This is important because most people will not be ready to make a purchase on their very first visit to your site.

  1. Tracking Code Is Not Working

A sudden drop in conversion rate could mean that the code has not been installed correctly, or needs to be updated.

  1. Wrong Pricing Strategy

One study found that price is the most important buying factor for 60% of shoppers. Your e Commerce site might have a low conversion rate is because of a poor pricing strategy.

You can improve conversions by using psychological pricing techniques like:

  • Product bundling.
  • Putting the number 9 at the end of a price, instead of rounding it up.
  • Using small fonts.
  • Making sure prices have only a few syllables when read.
  1. Not Sending Abandonment Emails

If you are not sending abandonment emails, you will miss potential conversions. When you send them within the first hour after people leave, you can often persuade them to purchase.

  1. Not Testing Enough

Testing is at the core of conversion optimization, so it is crucial to test your entire website user flow to see where you can make improvements and boost conversions.

Test landing pages, product pages, offers and CTAs to find out which ones your visitors respond to best.

  1. External Factors

Sometimes a low conversion rate has nothing to do with your actions. What is happening externally may be the cause. Perhaps a competitor released a product that temporarily takes customers’ attention away from your offering.

  1. No Live Chat

Providing live chat means that when people hit a bottleneck in the purchase process, they can get immediate help.


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