Top 10 Tools to test your E-commerce site
Top 10 Tools to test your E-commerce site

When did you last perform your site check-up? Yes, you read it right, the site check-up. Testing is merely important for every website especially for E-commerce websites with heavy databases. It measures not just the site’s performance but also improves the customer experience.

In the world of testing, new and proliferated tools keep on coming up with each passing day. It is important to know which tool will work the best for you. Listed below are top 10 tools to test your E-commerce website-

1. Optimizely

Optimizely is a very nice tool that does everything to improve the ROI of your business. From tracking the visitors to clicks, conversions, A/B testing to optimizing your conversion funnel, it makes your web a traffic driving force.

2. Crazy Egg

This tool makes you learn what attracts your visitors more on your website. It generates heat map which shows what’s hot on your website, confetti to distinguish the clicks by referral sources, scroll map to detect how much your page has been scrolled, and overlay which gives you the exact number of clicks per element.

3. Spur

Web design matters a lot when we talk about e-commerce. Spur is a tool which lets you improve your web design by analyzing your site based on its seven different applications. You just need to paste your URL and rest is the Spur’s game.

4. Monitis

Using this tool lets you monitor your website for better performance. It has different applications to measure the performance of your website like Full Page Load Monitor, Uptime Monitor, Transaction Monitor and Web Stress Monitor.

5. SEOmoz

SEOmoz gives you a complete SEO site check-up of your website. It performs all the on-page optimization activities on site and track rankings to ensure the optimal performance of your e-commerce site.

6. GTmetrix

GTmetrix tests your site for speed and performance. It is one of the most widely used free tool for speed optimization. It gives you a clear glimpse of what’s going wrong and where. It also has solution to optimize your web page and make it faster.

7. Load Impact

Used by some of the bigger names in the industry, Load Impact is a tool to calculate the load on your website. It performs automated testing, API testing and Web and Web app testing. It is a next generation open source load testing tool for the developers.

8. Pingdom

It is one of the best speed monitoring tool for an e-commerce website. It provides smoother website interactions and a greater user experience by monitoring and providing strategic report of the website performance.

9.  Uptrends

It is another reasonable tool for website monitoring.  It is a cloud-based performance and network monitoring tool and offers all types of monitoring including server monitoring and real-user monitoring.

10.  BrowserStack

BrowserStack is a cross-browsing testing tool. It has several outstanding features which makes it different from rest in the list. It includes smart phones and tablet emulators to test across a large range of devices.

These are just 10 tools which I prefer to be the best ones for your e-commerce site. However, there are many other similar tools you can opt for your own site. If you find an exceptional tool for the site check-up, please mention in the comments.