Voice is the Next Big Thing
Voice is the Next Big Thing

Voice is the most natural way of communication. We human always prefer voice over any other mode. Voice Assistants have become common these days. But, still, it hasn’t been the primary interface with machines yet. It all started in 1960 with the launch of IBM’s voice recognition system- Shoebox recognizing just 16 words. Then it increased to 16000-20000 words in 1980 and then came Automatic Speech Recognition.

Initially, the ASR accuracy level was low which gradually increased in 2010 and advancement in speech recognition was seen in 2011-2015 with the introduction of Siri, Google Now, S Voice and Nina which came with some limitations of Speech and NLU. The present age knows the human-like ASR, but with the current trends and advancement in technology, it will surpass the human speech recognition.
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Voice-first Trend

Voice is becoming the present-day trend. China being one of the best users of technology, uses mobile phones as a walkie-talkie. It is easier and faster to do a voice search then typing Chinese text on a small mobile keyboard. Similarly, is the case in rest of the part of the world.

Voice is the most efficient Form of Computing Unit

Statistics show that the usage of voice as an Intelligent Assistant has been growing exponentially day by day.  Researchers have seen a massive spike in people using voice to access the content and navigate, the reason behind is very simple- ‘human nature.’ Voice interfaces allow the user to get the answer to any query within seconds. You can ask questions, get the answers and navigate efficiently without wasting time on typing. voice computing

Voice as a boon to blind

Artificial Intelligent as gifted us Voice as an intelligent assistant. The advancement in this technology has come up as a boon to the blinds. They are now easily and efficiently educating themselves through the phones, assisting them to call someone to message someone and even helping them to make payments online.

Voice in Navigation

The maximum use of Voice assistants is being noticed while driving. Statistics illustrate that around 51% use of voice assistants are for navigation. While driving, VA allows you to perform many tasks while sitting keeping your focus on the road.  

Voice Payments

The word has been derived from Voice Assistants and Payments. It can be seen as a new revolution, Siri is already making peer to peer payments with Venmo, Alexa can pay off Capital One credit card bills and Google allows to shop through voice in the nearby stores. The US itself counts for around 18Million users of Voice payment, and the fraction is going to be quadruple in the coming five years. voice payments

Voice Commerce

It is the next big thing in e-commerce. Amazon Echo has been used widely in the US to make purchases through voice. A survey conducted in the US states that every 1 out of 5 users make a purchase through digital voice assistant and another 33% plans to do so in the next shopping.

Voice is becoming the next big thing

In Wave1 in 2011-13, we saw the emergence of Siri, Google Now, S Voice and Nina then came Wave 2 including Microsoft Cortona, Amazon Echo, Hound, Google Home and Facebook’s M. Recent improvements in IoT, AI, and robotics ensures the new mode of communication would be machine to machine. In the present scenario, Amazon Echo hailing an Uber, Alexa ordering a pizza and complete an order from Amazon can be the best example of machines illuminating the use of humans to perform tasks. voice assistantsDepicting the future, researchers say that by 2020, the estimated usage could be 200 billion searches via voice and the next four years could see an increase of around 3.5 billion computing devices with a microphone. Thanks to Intelligent Assistants, soon human-voice will be the primary interface for smart and connected home and businesses.