Cognitive Technologies

Our Cognitive services are tailored to industry-specific and designed to help organizations transform decision-making, work, and interactions. We have deep experience in Cognitive Technologies including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Analytics, and Automation. We use these cognitive services to provide our customers with enhanced efficiency, boost revenue, decrease expenses and customer support. We work with you on service launches, performance analysis, and support.

Our Solutions

  • NLP

    Our Natural Language Processing(NLP) services helps you extract values from your documents, web pages and posts with extraordinary speed and accuracy.

    - Unstructured Data Acquisition
    - Raw Language Processing
    - Text Mining, Text Extraction, and Query Understanding for Improved Search
    - Statistical Language Processing
    - Question Answering System Development
  • Integration

    Partnering with industries top-notch Cognitive Technology service providers allows our expert team to assist enterprises in seamless integration of cognitive tools and platforms with their enterprise ecosystems.

    - Report Generation and Sharing
    - Industry Standard Tools Integration
    - Smart Notification and Alert Management
    - Custom-based other platform Integration
  • Omni Channel

    We have experience in providing omnichannel experience, where you can focus on process-driven intelligence to deliver flexible and continually refining end-user experience.

    - Chat and Voice Interface
    - Multi-channel Report Delivery

Top-Notch Cognitive Technologies

IBM Watson

IBM Watson provides thorough content analysis and strong reasoning analytics for a better decision making. Watson is a full-fledged package to help you out with the most modern technologies in the field of Knowledge, Speech, Conversation, Vision, Language, and Empathy.


Make your applications more engaging and intelligent using Microsoft Cognitive Services. You can embed intelligent features in your applications like video detection, emotion detection, language understanding, speech, vision, and facial recognition by making use of APIs.

Amazon Web Services

By making use of Amazon Web Services, we tend to provide our clients with a set of fine applications integrated with Artificial Intelligence. Amazon is committed to deep learning and machine learning, so we can make projects using data science. All the more, Amazon's cloud-based voice service Alexa is in our kitty. So, whether be it a chatbot to provide a 24*7 customer service, convert audio/video to text, text to speech, convert a language to another, make your machines understand emotions or you want to teach anything to machine, Cognitive Technology will serve you beyond your imagination.

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